research project (MA Fine Art)

Series of field studies on the Jurassic Coast between Portland and Eype, establishing my artistic practice in the triangulation between site (the territory of investigation), studio (the research discipline of working-through) and gallery (re- assembling artefacts for public scrutiny). Exhibited assemblages include Loophole (2014), Tide Table (2015), Piddock Range (2015) and Ness -ness nest nestle net (2015).

By exploring sites of constant (ex)change – where land and water meet – the research territory considered the frameworks within which meaning is made and knowledge formed of a constantly changing world. As in academic research (and as metaphor for the uncertainty of borders) the ‘work’ is considered as existing both in and between the points of the triangle (a constantly repeating loop) despite only being ‘known’ through its publication at exhibition.

I imagine a lift, carry, roll, deposit motion with the pebble turned and turned by relentless waves, becoming round.  I imagine a gentle constant shift where one pebble rubs up against another – like a hip joint – this back and forwards, side to side motion creating a space in which to nestle, wearing away softer matter.   (field notes: 4 August 2016)


To discover
To set out with purpose
To find what?
Things that will ask me something about my being here in the world
To be alert ot the possibilities of things
To not prioritise one possibility over another
To set out with this intent only
To work within the constraints of what is practicable
To not be overburdened by weight (of kit or ideas)
To stay agile
To add on (or improve) as a result of discovery ways of collecting the found
incorporating these into a usual methodology of working
To avoid hierarchy
Not to repeat but to follow
looking for something new
I know what I’m looking for in the sense that I know I will know it when I see it
Chesil Beach
a transitional place
where erosion takes over from defence
a coming loose, detachment
where sea meets unsure (un-sure) land
Open water and enclosed lagoon
where differences are separated
whilst existing together
A sortal place
Pebbles sorted by the action of the sea
Dead House
Dead, timeless, time run out
The cycle of life, lifecycle, a return to the water
Inert, inertia
House for the dead, the dying (practice?)
A place to pass through
take from, give to
To rejuvinate
A passing place, a temporary dwelling
en-route to somewhere else
(residency proposal: January 2015)

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