Weather Station (II)

“to be able to forecast the course of coming events one must be able to see in the present occurrence the form of the future fact” (The Observers book of Weather 1960)


Commissioned by B-side Festival for OSR Projects’ Weather Station (part 2) and exhibited at B-side Festival 2016

As research project Para(meter) aimed to consider how our human impulse – to separate and measure a constantly changing world – impacts on our understanding of and reaction to climate change. Weather Station, a giant inflatable ball, was co-opted as metaphor for the psychological bubble (our self-care system) that utilises the subconscious function to protect us from the pain of ‘real’ life events.

Sound collected from inside Weather Station, on a walk along Chesil Beach, was sampled and presented to the public as ‘evidence’ for the gradual change in pebble size; from cobbles at its eastern end (Portland) to shingle at West Bay. Six lathe cut 12” transparent vinyl recordings, played on a turntable of European sea crates, highlighted the challenges inherent in Climate Change; of the sheer quantity of data, of capturing something that is always moving; of presenting change in a way that people are willing and able to ‘hear’; and of only being able to identify change once it has already happened.


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