re:paired with the colors all around

installation @theshedspace found objects are re-assembled and re-made with color, highlighting an adaptability to change that is in our nature(s).  Includes a ‘free pile of healing Aloe Vera plants and ‘Brood X’, a natural cicada soundtrack. 

List of works:

All armed and grown up composite wood panels, cast concrete cones, plastic rod, mason twine and acrylic, installed with light bulb, insulation wool, Aloe Vera plant and silk screen transparencies

Girl Doll (girdle) uprooted tree, childhood French Knitting doll, mason twine, metal sieve, clear view TV, media player, video ‘working rhythms’ (74 seconds looped)

Unfinished work ‘French knitting’ silk screen collaged ‘French knitting’ print (acrylic on gesso-coated calico) with mason twine

Not yet made ‘honeycomb’ two silk screens, slide projector, slide viewer and carousel containing 140 digitally printed 35mm slides [6 pack of slides to make one silk screen print (edition of 20 plus 1 AP) $25]

Plant Care instructions pages from ‘home appliance testing’ overprinted with photographs of Aloe Vera plant, re-bound with mason twine on sections of wooden window blinds

Everything you need (to make a new Kore) cardboard shed space mini containing cotton bobbins, duck tape, mason twine and paperclips; peg board and metal hooks with functional and dysfunctional knitting dolls

A veil (avail) overpainted silk screen print (acrylic on gesso-coated calico) with silk curtain

Delicate balance / Ballet d’action table leg, mason twine, foil-backed insulation wool, plastic fruit bag handles; Ballet d’action by Holly Hertzfeld (15 minutes, looped playback)

Madame Cholet and Alderney two paper pulp cones with insulation wool, mason twine and lamp diffuser on paper edged wood-block flooring


‘and repair them with the colors all around’ is a lyric from Amber Rubarth’s ‘wishing song’ from the album ‘Wildflowers in the Graveyard’, released in 2017, which became the soundtrack to this work

Athena is the goddess associated with technical and strategic skill, warfare, weaving, and other kinds of expertise.  In Roman Mythology she is Minerva, who came ‘all armed and grown up’ from her father’s brain, appearing with a countenance full more of masculine firmness and composure than of softness and grace. In one hand she held a spear and in the other a shield.  In most of her statues she is represented as sitting.


To be of use or value to; profit; advantage

To be of use; have force or efficacy; serve; help

To be of value or profit

To use to ones advantage

Advantage; effective use in the achievement of some goal or objective

-veil to cover, provide, obscure, or conceal with, or as if with, a veil

Ballet d’action’ is a hybrid genre of expressive and symbolic ballet that emerged during the 18th century to liberate the conveyance of a story from dialogue, relying simply on quality of movement to communicate actions, motives, and emotions.

The ‘Free Pile’ is the popular name given to the recycling area in the loading bay of The Copycat Building where I have had my studio since August 2018.  Everything in the installation (including the slide projector but excluding the duck tape and mason twine) has been used by others and passed on.  Of the two TVs, one was purchased ‘used’, the other has been kindly loaned.

The ‘French knitting’ doll that appears in Girl Doll (girdle) was a gift from my maternal grandmother .  Spool knitting, corking, French knitting or tomboy knitting is a form of knitting that uses a spool with a number of nails around the rim to produce a narrow tube of fabric. The spool knitting devices are called knitting spools, Knitting Nancys, or French knitters. 

‘Girdling’ is the destructive practice (in forest management) of removing a section of bark from around a tree to sever the essential connection between leaf and root.  In antiquity, a girdle was a belt used to secure a square of fabric around the body, ‘gird’ meaning to encircle.

Kore (Greek: κόρη “maiden”; plural korai) 

Ancient Greek column sculptures depicting young female figures.  No two figures are the same, individualised by their patterned collared peplos (dress).  Korai with certain distinctive emblems such as the ‘tower crown’ may be goddesses – the crown indicating the role of the city as protector of a particular city.  Numerous Korai were found buried, many un-broken, at the acropolis in Athens and are thought to have been ceremoniously placed there to mark the start of a new era after the city was invaded and destroyed.

Madame Cholet’ is a very kind-hearted but short-tempered female Womble, named after the town of Cholet in France. She affects a French accent, though she is actually no more French than any other Wimbledon Womble and simply likes to think of herself as French.  Madame Cholet’s assistant, ‘Alderneyappeared in the early books by Elisabeth Beresford, but did not appear on the TV until the second series.  She is a pretty and precocious young Womble with a slight disregard for the rules.Open document settingsOpen publish panel