elaine_chapel (4)

Loop:  a figure produced by a curve; an endless strip of tape or film allowing continuous repetition

Loophole:  a narrow vertical slit in a wall for shooting or looking through or to admit light or air; a means of evading a rule without infringing the letter of it

Taskscape/Loophole 2014
hardboard, photo[gram]copies, stone wall, windows (c 10m  x 3m)

Highball/Loop 2014
concrete, 35mm sculptural slide projection (dimensions variable)

Loophole 2014
photocopied and collaged contact photograms on board (21cm x 63cm each)

Loophole (on photocopy) : landscape – portrait – landscape 2015
photocopier enlarged contact photograms, re-placed (two A3 sheets each)

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