ness -ness nest nestle net



ness -ness nest nestle net 2015
wooden table with cast concrete and scaffold base plate supports, dictionary, mortar and pestle, found pebbles (w:112 x d:90 x h:107.5 cm); wave forms: Kodak Pro Endura photographic prints under acrylic glass (25 x 15 cm each); 42” Landing net with 1 oz brass weight (dimensions variable); supporting stack of artist’s notebooks (14.7 x 10.6  x 1.5 cm each)

ness -ness nest nestle net (2015) is the latest in a series of assemblages arising from an ongoing enquiry into Britain’s Jurassic Coast – from the promontory of Portland in the east, along the 18 mile stretch of Chesil Beach, to Eype in the west.

Here, at the ocean’s edge, I seek to find challenges to the dominant perspectives of an already ordered-classed world that offers no place for the vague, diffuse, uncertain, fluid or elusive – those insignificant irregularities and relationships that exist only in the present tense.

Here I encounter a historicised view of the world upturned, where geologic time is read vertically not horizontally and the qualification of world heritage site balances not on preservation but erosion, celebrating the fresh perspectives erased with each tide.

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