(de)posit(ory)(ion) 2016

evidence for a returnable sum (across the melt water) arranged in reusable European-standard stacking containers:

400 x 300 x 74 mm wrapped pebbles
origin: Marloes cliffs, Pembrokeshire (photograph on news-print paper), East Quantoxhead beach, Somerset (pebbles)

400 x 300 x 175 mm cliff photographs on news-print paper
origin: Marloes cliffs, Pembrokeshire

300 x 200 x 118 mm bagged pebbles and photograph on news-print paper
origin: Marloes beach, Pembrokeshire (pebbles), Crooklets beach, Cornwall (photograph by Alex Pointer)

de- implying removal or reversal; deposit a returnable sum, lying in a displaced position; depository a store (of wisdom, knowledge); -ory denoting a place for a particular function; posit assume a fact, put in place or position; position the way in which a thing or its parts are placed or arranged

Divided by the melt water, UWTSD Swansea College of Art, June 2016