Para(meter) 2016
six lathe cut 12” transparent vinyls with cyanotype printed covers on a turntable of European sea crates

The audio playback abstracts into a kind of white noise which, when played through Fisher’s chosen medium – vinyl record – sets the viewer onto a contemplative journey where the record’s eternal cycle puts one in mind of Fisher’s own trundle-wheel traversal along the shore, and after a while the rotation of Earth itself.” (Trevor H. Smith this is tomorrow published 29 Sept 2016)

Created: 13:36 01/02/2016  |  Commission title: Para(meter)  |  Artist name: Elaine Fisher  |  Commissioned by: OSR Projects/B-side

“I would like to use the Weather Station to audio-record the phenomena of pebble sorting along Chesil Beach. I propose to walk along the beach inside the Weather Station using its physical form and micro-climate to define what is recorded and for how long, setting parameters on an otherwise acoustically permeable site.

Throughout my practice I use limitation and repetition to explore ways that knowledge is constructed. I highlight how we come to know only specific things within context; that knowledge is projected, from the layered remains of otherwise ‘lost’ phenomena. I believe that exploring this human impulse – to separate and measure a constantly changing world – is critical to our present understanding of and reaction to climate change.

Para(meter) will repeat a series of walks undertaken in 2015 which identified pebble sorting (and rule breaking) using walking speed, a found bag and camera pre-settings as relative locating, sampling and measuring devices. Audio recordings of pebbles crashing and grinding with each incoming wave (mirroring the sounds of the firing range) showed potential.

Measured and sampled by the Weather Station-come-trundle-wheel and the requirement to stop for ‘fresh air’, durational audio recordings will attempt to ‘hear’ the erosion in pebble size as I walk, using the sphere to separate pebble sounds from the predominant sound of the wind and crashing waves. How will the recordings ‘hear’ the change in pebble size? By their duration or differing content? Or will my protective bubble completely deny what lies outside?”