did you meet her (d’m’t-er)




did you meet her? (D’m’t-er) installation

dream terraceanima mundi/dream complex (artists book)

I go to Valletta in search of the Mother Goddess and
I am overwhelmed by the heat
I cannot face the journey to her rock cut tomb and anyway
I have not booked ahead so it is unlikely I will gain access

Instead I walk, circulating the extent of this crumbling city
I look the only way it seems there is
up between the buildings that frame the sky
down to the stones that surround my swollen feet

I start to climb, wearily weaving a path
up between the city walls and
onto a high terrace

I am awestruck by the view
I have been here before!
except that I have not, will not
I cannot see a way into the complex

But my world-soul has walked there
laid down the most exacting picture
that I am sure of the invitation

Perhaps I am not yet ready