Tripple Goddessdream terrace

finding Core (Giclee print framed on 3 sides)
anima mundi/dream complex (artists book)

“I go to Valletta in search of the Mother Goddess and I am overwhelmed by the heat.  I cannot face the journey to her rock cut tomb and anyway, I have not booked ahead so it is unlikely I will gain access.  Instead I walk, circulating the extent of this crumbling city.

I look the only way it seems there is – up between the buildings to the clear blue sky and down towards my swollen feet – as I climb, weaving through the baked city walls to emerge onto a high terrace.

I am awestruck by the view.

I’ve been here before, except that I haven’t, still haven’t.  There is no access from this vantage point into the complex.  But my world soul has walked there and painted for me the most exacting picture in my dream, that I am sure of the invitation.”