did you meet her (d’m’t-er)

poster girl digitally manipulated field photograph printed on newsprint paper (dimensions: w24 x h36 inches)
€4 cut out plywood, metal, acrylic paint, cardboard, printed paper (dimensions: plywood frame w13 x h15.5 x d0.5 inches; box w6.25 x d8.75 x h5 inches)
tri(pod) wood, metal, expansion foam, acrylic paint (dimensions: w35 x d28x x h40 inches)
pillow talk studio photographs of canvas and expansion foam sculpture digitally printed onto cotton canvas pillows, stuffed (dimensions: w26.5 x h18 x d4; w18 x h26.5 x d6 inches)
D’m’t-er digital video projection 6:50 mins dimensions: HD720p (1280×720)


“I follow my primitive right (hemisphere) as She experiences the world intuitively, responding to the material forms the left has created from Her ancient knowledge. She gathers them up, embodies them, (re)turns them to symbolic expressions of infinite possibility. There follows a struggle; What is it that you are (un)doing? To what end? Chaos will reign! Failing to elicit any kind of satisfactory response (for She refuses to speak the language He will write), He wades in, trying to materialise and contain these other- world gestures……..”

My latest body of work originated in a search for the Mother Goddess in Valetta, Malta in 2017. What emerged from (not) finding Her (in His tomb but) in the architectural elements of a crumbling city, is an understanding of how we might uncover the suppressed female voice through a dismantling of established patriarchal contexts that surround the things She is drawn to.

“……..Having settled on His narrative myth (of the corn goddess Demeter) He realises that He has been led. She has brought Him here for her own undoing; to re(mystify) Her ancient initiation rites that He has enshrined”


dream terrace

I go to Valletta in search of the Mother Goddess and
I am overwhelmed by the heat
I cannot face the journey to her rock cut tomb and anyway
I have not booked ahead so it is unlikely I will gain access

Instead I walk, circulating the extent of this crumbling city
I look the only way it seems there is
up between the buildings that frame the sky
down to the stones that surround my swollen feet

I start to climb, wearily weaving a path
up between the city walls and
onto a high terrace

I am awestruck by the view
I have been here before!
except that I have not, will not
I cannot see a way into the complex

But my world-soul has walked there
laid down the most exacting picture
that I am sure of the invitation

Perhaps I am not yet ready

anima mundi/dream complex (2018)
 artists book with letter pressed cover containing digitally manipulated photographic print, folded and secured with staples (dimensions: l8.26 x w6 inches, opening out to l12 x w25 inches)