self (de)(con)struction


Ongoing series of relational, multi-disciplinary works, in which the triangle is explored as a symbol of activity; connecting and multiplying to unite opposites in the paradox of (de)centred being.

As it multiplies outwards the triangle is re-constructed as the centre of a star ( >< looking to connect outwardly to other stars ) AND as the form or frame of a diamond (<> drawing our attention inwards).

<> We see through a diamond window – into a construction site.

>< Daimone is an ancient word that describes an inner spirit or guide not as a personified being but as a peculiar mode of activity.

><>< Two triangles bound together with French Knitting  draw our attention inwards and outwards through the hole(s) created by the weaver



related drawings will be on view in Flat Files at ICA, 16 West North Ave, Baltimore, MD from 1 February 2020

studio open by appointment: 1501 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202