Spirit Lake/Kirk Wall



videos from Orkney, Scotland (2017) and the Rocky Mountains, Colorado (2018) are re-placed in relation.  The result of unconscious impulses, each video takes its new form from accidents in the re-making process (the disturbing call of the crow’s slow motion flight and the shifting, shimmering forms of a panning function mis-click).  As the crow flies, its disturbing call appears to agitate the leaf into falling but as the videos separate we start to question their dependent relationship, each mirrored form maintaining its own unique rhythm.

SLUICE: EXCHANGE BERLIN (part of the British Councils UK/DE 2018 season) Kühlhaus, Luckenwalder Straße 3, Berlin, Germany (16-18 November 2018) Spirit Lake/Kirk Wall (2018) installation view: two videos, looped (with ladder, headphones and shadow)


“Elaine Fisher explores archetypal questions about femininity, soul and nature in her installation, ‘Spirit Lake’.  Reduced video works of a falling leaf and a crow in flight presented on two monitors on an upper and a lower level, a conscious and a subconscious level, draw the viewer into the dream…………………The atmosphere of the sinister ice lake is impressively evoked by the artist’s reduced, dominating white……a deliberately disturbing sound installation in which you can hear the sound of a crow in slow motion…….the two works are mutually dependent……The installation calms and troubles at the same time.” (Sandra Ratcovic http://www.chasedmagazine.com)


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