SLUICE: exchange Berlin


a weekend of exhibitions, performances, talks & screenings 16 – 18 November Kühlhaus, Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin

Sluice Exchange is a biennial expo bringing together galleries and projects that share similar foundational ideologies of independence and artistic engagement. I will be showing work as part of OSR Projects Weather Station with Simon Lee Dicker, Laura Hopes and Alexander Stevenson.

EXCHANGE is broadly themed around the local as transnational ideas battle re-emergent nationalistic tendencies. The artist/curator-led scene is often tied to the local (usually influenced by funding parameters or lack of funding altogether). But there is often an awareness that if the local isn’t positioned within a broader inter/national context that it risks becoming parochial. EXCHANGE BERIN focuses on the importance of solidarity, inclusion and collaboration. Is there a way to square internationalism with the destructive nature of globalisation? As nationalism rears its head around the world what response does art have?


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