Collaboration with Lucy Gresley (2017) exploring the subjective plurality of artistic collaboration as an alternative lens through which to view the entanglements of things and our perceptions of them.

Framed by the study of Art and Archaeology at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Orkney (and incorporating a shared interest in Psychology) we recorded intuitive responses to encounters with what remains, exploring the potential of the right hemisphere (our primitive myth-making subconscious) to reach a deeper understanding of the past.

Visual Essays:


The Elephant in the Room

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May 1 2017 / from ‘Buddo’ to Brodgar: experiencing neolithic Orkney

April 2 2017 / my minds i:mpulse

March 10 2017 / sedimentation: art, archaeology and subjective plurality

February 13 2017 / displacement(derivation): art, archaeology and the question of language

February 5 2017 / meta-ar(t)chaeology: an embedded theory of place

January 9 2017 / entanglement

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