Artist-observer, operating in the space between Station Manager and Coastwatch Volunteer (at the National Coastwatch Institute, Martin’s Haven, Pembrokehire, Wales in October 2016) identifying, in the masculine-labeled female vessel (all boats are ‘she’) and the theory and instrumentation of barings, metaphors for the psychological relationship between two positions: ‘I’ (due North) am labelled as my opposite (180o) – the degree to which I will have to move in order to reach the ‘other’ (South).

Exercise October proposed to record pairs of volunteers as they communicated with the unknown ‘other’ (one inside the Lookout and one outside) to locate a series of female vessels placed on the promontory of Martin’s Haven. These pink buoys (baring masculine names from The Lookout’s vessel log) pointed towards the often overlooked, intuitive, female voice in the rational systems of Coastwatch observation.


blog diary:

March 30, 2016 / listening post

October 15, 2016 / first watch