sites of (ex)change



MA Fine Art thesis project: series of self-initiated residencies on the Jurassic Coast between Portland and Eype (Dorset, UK) exploring sites of (ex)change – where land and water meet – considering the frameworks within which meaning is made and knowledge formed of a constantly changing world and establishing my artistic practice in the triangulation between site (the territory of investigation), studio (the research discipline of working- through) and gallery (re- assembling artefacts for public scrutiny).   As in academic research (and as metaphor for the uncertainty of borders) the ‘work’ is considered as existing both in and between the points of the triangle (a constantly repeating loop) despite only being ‘known’ through its publication at exhibition.


Exhibited works:


Ness -ness nest nestle net


MA Graduation Show Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire (September 2015) ness -ness nest nestle net (2015): wooden table with cast concrete and scaffold base plate supports, dictionary, mortar and pestle, found pebbles (w:112 x d:90 x h:107.5 cm); wave forms: Kodak Pro Endura photographic prints under acrylic glass (25 x 15 cm each); 42” Landing net with 1 oz brass weight (dimensions variable); supporting stack of artist’s notebooks (14.7 x 10.6  x 1.5 cm each)


Tide Table / Piddock Range


Interval Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire (2015): Tide Table (Portland) (2015) giclee print on newsprint stock (76cm x 43cm); Tide Table (Cheltenham) (2015) plywood, paper, peat fragments and fossils, found bag (130 x 61.2cm); Piddock Range (2015) peat fragments and fossils, found target (dimensions variable)


New Numbers: new approaches Walking the Land Group, University of Gloucestershire (2015): Piddock Range (new numbers) (2015) found peat fragments and Piddock fossils with plywood, paper, diary notes and novel ‘On Chesil Beach’




The Chapel, Francis Close Hall, University of Gloucestershire (June 2014): Taskscape/Loophole (2014) hardboard, photo[gram]copies, stone wall, windows (c 10m  x 3m)


On Land Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham (May 2014): Highball/Loop (2014) concrete, 35mm sculptural slide projection (dimensions variable); Loophole (2014) photocopied and collaged contact photograms on board (21cm x 63cm each)


On PhotocopyArt Weekender, Fringe Arts Bath / 44AD (November 2015): Loophole (on photocopy) : landscape – portrait – landscape (2015) photocopier enlarged contact photograms, re-placed (two A3 sheets each)


Blog diary:

neurosis: (over) looked (over)

(Chesil Beach Residency)

February 27, 2015 / arrival notes
February 28, 2015 / the sea of stories
March 1, 2015 / a different sortal sense
March 13, 2015 / found sound and sculpture
March 14, 2015 / real time delay
March 15, 2015 / small steps


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