Exhibition review

“Abroad”- a sculptural response to friendship

 If you missed this exhibition you really missed something quite exceptional. I’m not someone who goes misty eyed at art, I’m usually too busy analysing it… but today there was a tear in my eye…

Elaine Fisher’s installation was based on concepts that developed and experiences she had whilst in Pembrokeshire, earlier this year. Somewhere “abroad”- not at home, not particularly homely, and yet her response has been to witness the friendship between people thrown together in a challenging environment, and to create something truly “heimlich”. To walk into the horsebox and stand close to the objects created from concrete, found objects- rusty squashed tin can,  bits of ribbon and twine, old letters and stamps, pieces of firewood rescued from a bonfire…. is to come home, to feel safe, to feel loved.  Achieving this with the subtlety and understatement we come to expect from Elaine Fisher’s work is always a delight to behold. She conjures peace and contentment from garbage. She creates tranquility and quiet joy from that which is rejected.

Keep an eye on this artist; she is going places and has a lot to say. I for one, am already looking forward to her next piece of work.

Catherine Jones, Curator, Gallery at the end of the lane

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