Loophole (on photocopy): landscape – portrait – landscape

thinking/making: catching thought in process

26 October 2015: Loophole (on photocopy): Landscape-Portrait-Landscape

Loophole 2014 original contact photograms

The photographic object emerges in a state of displacement, always already separated from its physical and temporal context. Through a number of iterations, Loophole considers how the original photographic relationship, between viewer and viewed, might be re-situated in the here and now.

Developed in the darkroom, through a process of displaced light and form, Loophole’s contingent view has been repeatedly enlarged and re-situated architecturally.  In a new iteration Loophole (on photocopy) : landscape – portrait – landscape takes its form from the photocopier itself, playfully recording and presenting the first encounters with the photocopier in the making of the work.

44AD Basement Gallery
4 Abbey Street
Sat 31st Oct – Sun 1st Nov 12pm – 6pm

Fringe Arts Bath / 44AD
Bath & Bristol Art Weekender

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