Research Lab

IMG_0120Research Lab is a new collaboration between artists Elaine Fisher and Lucy Gresley which aims to playfully identify, share and celebrate research in contemporary visual arts practice.

We are curating an exhibition for Bath’s 2016 Fringe Arts Festival (FAB2016) to consider the potential ‘lack of fit’ between artistic research and its publication at exhibition. PREFAB-Lab (Practice, Research, Exhibition) is an exploratory trial and interim analysis exhibition exploring artistic research through the lens of a scientific Research Lab  – what does artistic research look like? How and where does it function? What are the results?

This is an open call for artists with research-led practices to continue their research in a critically engaged shared space that is on view to the general public.

To take part artists must demonstrate:

  • A willingness to ‘work’ in PREFAB-Lab between 11am and 6pm for up to 9 days between 28 May and 5 June (minimum requirement 3 days) starting on either 28 May or 1st June
  • A willingness to comply with Lab Rules – to wear protective clothing as provided and follow lab protocols
  • A willingness to undertake standard observations of research activities and comply with regular monitoring and recording procedures within the lab
  • A willingness to leave your ‘work’ (at whatever stage in its development) in situ for the duration of PREFAB-Lab (28 May – 12 June)
  • A willingness to remain or return to PREFAB-Lab for a minimum of 1 day after the trial to lead guided tours for the public and/or participate in a symposium


  1. up to one side A4 defining research in your own terms/your current research project, what work you intend to undertake at PREFAB-Lab and confirmation of your willingness to participate fully in the research trial including the dates/durations you are available to participate and your preferred intake date (28 May or 1st June)
  2. up to 10 images (OR up to 3 audio-visual works) that best illustrate      your research-led practice
  3. applications by email to     closing date 14 March 2016

Submission is free.  Selection will be based on achieving a broad spectrum of research concerns at different stages of the research process and a commitment to participate fully in PREFAB-Lab.  Research concerns need not be tied to the site of the Lab, however, participants must demonstrate that some Lab-work will be undertaken each day of their trial.

Key dates

14 March deadline for applications
7 April selected participants notified
27th May PREFAB-Lab Preview 6pm
28th May PREFAB-Lab Intake 1 11am
1 June PREFAB-Lab Intake 2 11am
28th May – 5 June PREFAB-Lab open 11am – 6pm daily.  Visitors observe current Lab-work and view data from previous days.  
6-12 June PREFAB-Lab closed.  Scheduled guided tours of Lab and symposium
12 June PREFAB-Lab dismantled 3pm.  Collection of work by 9pm.

The Curators

(Elaine Fisher) Elaine’s research revolves around the human project – the drive or impulse to be in the world. Through a practice of personal encounter and re-assemblage she investigates ways to de-stabilise the notion of the human project as the pursuit of knowledge and re-imagine what it means to be in an uncertain and forever changing world.

(Lucy Gresley) For Lucy, making art is a continuing cycle of
enquiry into what it means to exist and how people are connected to each other. Using vessels as metaphors for people and their emotions and referencing theories of psychological development and philosophy, she explores the borderlines and tensions between things – how drawings intersect physical space and the relationship between subject and object, representation and abstraction.

more exhibition opportunities at FAB2016

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