SAVE THE DATE! / ‘REPARTEA’ OPENING RECEPTION / SUNDAY 16 JANUARY 2022 / PROJECT 1628 (1628 Bolton Street, Bolton Hill, Baltimore)

So delighted to invite you to the opening reception of ‘Repartea’, an exhibition of my sculptures and their associated portraits, at Project 1628 in January 2022! 

I’m thrilled to have been asked to show these works that were made and posted on instagram during the pandemic @elaineyfish. Originating in a #tenminutesculpture project with household recycling these objects and images have become a staple of my studio practice, developing in size, media and complexity (and yes, also time!) whilst retaining their provisional, playful nature. 

‘Repartea’ is a dinner-party installation drawing its inspiration from previous ‘banquet’ events at Project 1628, a refined non-commercial setting in Baltimore’s historic Bolton Hill neighbourhood.  The words ‘Repartee’ (conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies) and ‘tea’ (a term used to denote ‘dinner’ or an evening meal in England as well as the Colonial ‘brew’ itself) combine to invite an imaginative viewing of this work.  As place-settings for a sumptuous feast, and through the shifting and layered dialogues that emerge from their trashy parts, each sculpture is gradually revealed as both consumer and consumed  – we are what we eat! 

“The imaginative play of my recent miniature exhibition ‘the baby and the bathwater’ at Shelter in Place Gallery, Boston, hoped to break down some of the barriers that make it difficult for us to properly address alarming environmental issues such as climate change.  At Project 1628 I intend to match that with an undeniable physical reality.  Faced with an enticing feast of household recycling I hope that it will be difficult to look away”  Elaine Fisher, Artist ‘Repartea’

“We exist to share art and culture with those who enjoy the spark of new people and ideas. Our mission is to support the drive to create and the drive to connect.”  Marcia Hart, Director Project 1628

 RSVP and enquiries: Elaine Fisher

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