Spirit Lake/Kirk Wall

Spirit Lake/Kirk Wall (2018) installation view
[click image to play] two videos, looped (with ladder, headphones and shadow)


“Using the material world as catalyst for the projection of unconscious contents, each work aims to amplify primitive feminine knowledge which is seen as both suppressed and the means by which we can begin to heal the world’s wounds” (Elaine Fisher)


SLUICE: Exchange Berlin (part of the British Councils UK/DE 2018 season)  

Kühlhaus, Luckenwalder Straße 3, 10963 Berlin 16 – 18 November

OSR Projects: Weather Station (Part 2)


Showcasing new work from four Weather Station artists (Simon Lee Dicker, Elaine Fisher, Laura Hopes, Alexander Stevenson), broadly themed around ‘transnational localism’ (as transnational ideas battle re-emergent nationalistic tendencies)

Spirit Lake/Kirk Wall is a landscape/portrait video installation presented on two levels (floor and ladder).  The duality of the work – conscious and unconscious, calming and disturbing  – points towards our contemporary paradox, the archetypal symbol of the ‘trickster’ crow agitating a humanitarian response to the question of what it means to be both global and local.

The (re)making of Spirit Lake highlighted a significantly expanded role for the primitive right hemisphere as both pre-conscious originator (the impulse to video a tree in the wind and the unknown ‘gift’ of a falling leaf), ambiguous collector (the pre-conscious association of flying crow and falling leaf) and active responder to the limitations of consciousness (creative solutions emerged in response to failed attempts to solidify a messy background; a mis-click added the unknown ‘gift’ of a panning function).  In neuro-science the left hemisphere is a (noisy?) processor, constantly referring data back to (agitating a response from?) the right hemisphere for further creative output.  In these terms we can perhaps more hopefully view the role of Trickster (Crow/Raven) in the world (through Kirk Wall) as an opportunity for renewed and focussed creative action.

“Elaine Fisher explores archetypal questions about femininity, soul and nature in her installation, ‘Spirit Lake’.  Reduced video works of a falling leaf and a crow in flight presented on two monitors on an upper and a lower level, a conscious and a subconscious level, draw the viewer into the dream…………………The atmosphere of the sinister ice lake is impressively evoked by the artist’s reduced, dominating white……a deliberately disturbing sound installation in which you can hear the sound of a crow in slow motion…….the two works are mutually dependent……The installation calms and troubles at the same time.” (Sandra Ratcovic http://www.chasedmagazine.com)