thinking/making: catching thought in process

29 March 2016: Drawing

drawing: a mechanism by which ‘things’ are held together, gathered

pebble (-) Anthropocene (concrete) pebble
(sliced) pebble with calcification
Anthropocene (brick) pebble

Lisp a speech defect; a rippling of waters
Lissom lithe, supple, agile
List a number of connected items to form a record or aid memory; a selvedge or edge of cloth usually of different material from the main body; lean over to one side
Listen to make an effort to hear something
Listening Post a point near enemy lines for detecting movements by sound; a place for the gathering of information from reports etc.

(The Concise Oxford Dictionary lingual-litany pp690-1)


(Nolton) Haven, Pembrokeshire 27/03/16





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